About the Team

     Carol Kay found her passion for baking through years of delighting her family, friends and neighbors with homemade treats.  Every Christmas season, she and her three daughters would spend hours in the kitchen baking and decorating sugar cookies, Christmas candies and sweets to bring to others in the community.  She brought plates and boxes to her friends on the tennis courts.  She would package and send them to her family who lived across the country.  And every year, when she saw the joyous reaction of those who were surprised with the treats, she realized what truly brought her joy.

She realized two important things from baking: 1. her brightest creativity came to life in the kitchen, and 2. her sense of purpose came from bringing others happiness and calories.

Realizing these things made her discover the legacy she wanted to leave behind.  So, she started looking in the Dallas area for bakeries she could work at and the stars quickly aligned.  She found a small bakery for sale and ended up buying it.  And Voila!  So Fabulous Cakes was born.

Today, So Fabulous Cakes is made up of a team of passionate, hard-working women who also find joy in bringing people happiness on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations or any other special events.

Candy, the head decorator, also brings her creative arts, skills and passion to the business.  When you put Candy and Carol together, it's a recipe for one great cake.

We hope you join us for your next special day! Come on in to So Fabulous Cakes today.