Common tier sizes and prices

2 Tier


The 6-8  Two Tier Cakes Serves 36-38 guests and starts at $145 in buttercream

3 Tier

The 3 tier cake serves 75 and starts at
 $300 for a classic flavored, white iced cake

A 3 tier cake 6-8-10" serves 75 guests  for a simple buttercream frosted cake starts at $300.

4 Tier


A four tiered cake starts at $520 for a 

 cake serving 130 guests

Square Cakes


A 6-8" two tier cake serving  46 starts at $185 for a classic, white frosted cake.

3 tier Square


 This 3 tier square cake serves 95 and starts at $380 for a butter cream iced cake

Make mine a Tall


If you want to make a statement, tall cakes or extended height are the recent trend

Make this cake your own

This is just a starting point. We can make single or triple layers within the tiers. Mix up squares and rounds, place the tiers off center or add faux layers to get the height but not all the cake.  Call us or send us a picture of your dream wedding cake t and we can send you a quote.  Or better yet, set up a cake tasting and bring in your photos and drawings and let's construct your cake together.  We'll make your cake for this special event  just as you've always dreamed it would be.